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 ATENÇÃO TURMA 82. Neste dia 31/10 traduzam o texto abaixo. Em duplas e esse pequeno trabalhinho valerá 15 pontos para a nota do 3º Trimestre.
One kiss and Good Luck... Prof: Melissa

Hi people! I´m glad to be back.
Moving on, I decided to write to you about the great tourist attraction which marks the turning of the year in Rio: New Year´s Eve in Copacabana.
During this true festival of peace, several millions of people come together each year on December 31, the vast majority dressed in white, to await the arrival of the New Year which is marked with a massive and unforgettable spectacle of fireworks displayed at midnight. Interwoven throughout the New Year celebrations are the religious and mystic aspect of a number of Brazilians which have as one of their gods, the queen of the sea, Iemanjá whose feast day is celebrated with the turning of the year. Thousands of offering of candlelight are thrown out into the surf to pay homage to Iemanjá.
All the hotels get ready for the great party, by preparing sophisticated meals and offering ultimate hospitality to the tourists. Most residents take to the streets to mingle and have fun by watching the fireworks from the beach. Indeed, this is the planet´s greatest fireworks show that is really worth seeing.
Apart from Copacabana, Rio´s city hall organizes festivities in other parts of the city, such as in Flamengo Park, Leblon and Barra beaches, in downtown, and in the western and northern zones. In other words, all except those going to private parties come out to celebrate in the streets.
The party goes on into the early hours and the festive climate which started in mid December, continues until the end of summer.
Read more about this in: Rio Convention Bureau
See you next week.

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